Due to the volume of gun transfers from internet sales and auctions, we have modified our price structure to ensure that customers are getting the best possible service with the lowest prices. The prices will reflect how much time is involved in the transfer of your firearm.

Firearms transferred to Bank Street Guns require the following information to be provided in the box with the firearm.

  • FFL License (We do not accept transfers from private parties. Guns will be returned)
  • FFL Address, Phone number, and Email Address
  • Firearm Type, Make, Model, and Serial Number
  • Transferee Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email Address
  • Missing information that requires us to contact the FFL for clarification will be assessed an improper paperwork fee.

Ship to:

Bank Street Guns                                             
Attn: Transferee Name                                   
4395 N Bank Street                                        
Kingman, AZ 86409

Inquiries & Correspondence



All transferred firearms will be processed by the end of the day. They will be available for transfer the following day. Same day processing is available for a rush fee.  We include up to 30 days of storage for transfers.  After 30 days, see fees below.

Transfer Fees

  • Firearm Transfer w\AZ CCW                            $35.00
  • Firearm Transfer w\out AZ CCW                     $50.00
  • NFA Item                                                              $100.00 +
                                                                                   2% of Estimated Retail Value +
                                                                                   Monthly Storage Fees Over 14 Months


Additional Fees

  • Same Day Rush Fee                                            $20.00
  • Improper paperwork from shipping FFL         $10.00
  • FBI NICS Delay                                                     $10.00
  • Return Shipment                                                  $35.00 + Actual Cost of Shipping
  • Storage Fee  (Items <= $3000)                           $35.00 per Month
  • Storage Fee  (Items > $3000)                             1% of Estimated Retail Value Per Month


Transferring firearms from reputable FFL dealers when you have an AZ CCW is very efficient process for all parties and therefore only costs $30 (one of the lowest local gun store transfer fees). All other scenarios take much more time and will result in a higher transfer fee.